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(All events/times are subject to change)


​                         FRIDAY, AUGUST 18th

6:30pm Cornhole Switchholio Tournament

                         SATURDAY, AUGUST 19th

 10:00am Pre-Registration for Cornhole Tournament

                  304 Cornholers

                   John Loyd Entertainment Center

 11:00am Cornhole Tournament

                   304 Cornholers

                    SATURDAY, AUGUST 26th

   6:00pm Miss Barbour County Pageant – Fair Opening
To be held at John Loyd Entertainment Center


                     SUNDAY, AUGUST 27th

  1:00pm 4-H/FFA Horse Show

  1:00pm-5:00pm Registration of Competitive Exhibits

                                All categories  

 1:00pm-8:00pm Market animal weigh in/registration
  2:00pm 4-H Pet Show (Livestock Barn Show Arena)

  2:00-6:00pm Commercial Vendor setup begins


                    MONDAY, AUGUST 28th

                NO CARNIVAL RIDES

  9:00am Judging of Competitive Exhibits

  9:00am-4:00pm Commercial Vendor setup Complete

  4:00pm Commercial Vendors Open

  5:00pm Lineup for Parade begins

  7:00pm Grand Feature Parade
             “Country Nights and Carnival Lights at the
               2023 Barbour County Fair”
               Sponsored by Junior Lions Club


         TUESDAY, AUGUST 29th ADMISSION $15.00*

                        THRIFT TICKETS GOOD

10:00am-3:00pm Seniors 55 & older, Admission $7.00*
                 (activities planned)

   4:00pm Commercial Vendors & Competitive Exhibits Open

   4:00pm Begin Registration for Demo Derby

   6:15pm Open Class Lamb & Goat Show     

   6:00pm-10:30pm Midway/Rides Open
   7:00pm 4-H/FFA Lamb & Goat Show & Showmanship Contest
   7:00pm Kids Power Wheels Demolition Derby
    7:30pm Demolition Derby (
Open Arena)

         by Thomas Motorsports



                           THRIFT TICKETS GOOD

   9:00am-2:00pm 3rd Graders’ Day for County 3rd Graders

   4:00pm Commercial Vendors & Competitive Exhibits Open  

   4:00-6:00pm Registration for Lawn Mower Demo Derby

   5:00pm Begin registration for Demolition Derby

   6:00pm-10:30pm Midway/Rides Open
   6:00pm Lawn Mower Demo Derby

   6:15pm Open Class Hog Show
   7:00pm 4-H/FFA Market Hog Show & Showmanship Contest
   7:30pm Demolition Derby-Open Arena
   by T
homas Motorsports

     THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st - ADMISSION $15.00*

                        THRIFT TICKETS GOOD

   4:00pm Commercial Vendors & Competitive Exhibits Open

   5:00pm Begin registration for Youth ATV Drag Races

   6:15pm Open Class Beef & Open Class Feeder Calf Show &

                  Beef Replacement Heifer Show

   6:00pm-10:30pm Midway/Rides Open

   7:00pm 4-H/FFA Market Steer & Feeder Calf Show &

                  Showmanship Contest

   7:00pm Youth ATV Drag Races

   9:00pm Nashville Recording Artist KAMERON MARLOWE

                   At the John Loyd Entertainment Center    

                        $10.00 & $15.00 Reserve seating and   

                        $20 PIT PASSES available



                   THRIFT TICKETS GOOD

  $7.00* Admission for School Aged Children

                        10:00am-Noon Only

       (Discount tickets allow children to ride from 6:30-11:00pm)

    9:00am ADGA Sanctioned Goat Show

   10:00am -2:00pm Educational Day-Stations Open

                                       throughout the grounds

           (Lunch provided by Kingsford Manufacturing Co.)

   10:00am Commercial Vendors & Competitive Exhibits Open

   11:00am-1:00pm Livestock Skil-A-Thon (open to everyone)   

   5:00pm Begin registration for Adult ATV Drag Races

   6:00pm Draft Horse Show

   6:30pm-11:00pm Midway/Rides Open

   7:00pm Adult ATV Drag Races 

   9:00pm Nashville Recording Artist WARREN ZEIDERS

                  At the John Loyd Entertainment Center

                    $10.00 & $15.00 reserve seating & 

                    $20 PIT PASSES available



                        THRIFT TICKETS GOOD

   9:00am 4-H/FFA Livestock Overall Showmanship

   9:00am-12:00pm Jack Lucas Antique Tractor/Engine

                  Show Registration

   9:00am Commercial Vendors & Competitive Exhibits Open

  12:30pm Registration for Irish Road Bowling-Park Area

   1:00pm 4-H/FFA Horse Fitting and Showmanship Contest

   1:00pm Jack Lucas Antique Tractor/Engine Show Awards

   1:30pm Irish Road Bowling

   3:00pm-11:00pm Midway/Rides Open

   6:00pm Draft Horse Pulls

   7:00pm Livestock Awards Presentation

   7:30pm 4-H/FFA Market Animal Sale


                   At the John Loyd Entertainment Center

                   $10 & $15.00 reserve seating available

 11:00pm 2023 Fair Closes

 SEE YOU IN 2024!

*6% WV Sales Tax included in all gate admission tickets.

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