2019 Barbour County Fair Parade Marshall

 4H Equestrian Team 

     In 1976, Judy McCauley had a vision, a vision to start an equestrian club; a team where kids who loved or wanted to learn about horses could come together. McCauley started a club that has thrived for many years, and guided many youth.  There have been several different leaders over the years, such as Mary Poling, Donna Jo Marsh, Kris Rosier, Jeanna Renzelli, Lori Haddix, Beth McCauley, and Misty Bolton.  The Barbour County 4-H Equestrian Team is currently guided by Sara Poling, our fearless leader. She stepped up as leader in 2016 and runs all the behind the scenes for many events. As a club we participate in many parades, most people remember the team from the horses’ sparkly hooves. The team decorates their horses according to the theme of each parade. The Equestrian Team rides in the Buckhannon Strawberry Festival, the Barbour County Fair, and the Veterans Day parade in Philippi, WV. Besides the parades we hold our annual horse camp at the fairgrounds in June. Each year we see old friends and make new ones. We accept everyone into


the folds of the camp and learn more about our horses and ourselves. Then in August we band together for another week to show and exhibit our animals at the Barbour County Fair. Decorating our horses for the parade and decorating our barn for all the spectators to see. On one of the walls people can see the trophies and awards the club has won over the years. Not everyone likes horses but to this team they mean everything. For some it’s a place they can fit in and be the “horse crazy kid” that they are. So the Barbour County 4-H Equestrian Team welcomes everyone to the 2019 Barbour County Fair, and make sure to stop by and visit with the youth that work hard all year to exhibit in those old stalls; the stalls that hold memories of current 4-Hers and past members alike. Once a part of the team always a part of the team, part of another family.