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Irish Road Bowling 

Road Bowling .png

An old sport is back in Barbour County! One of the first events that have kicked off the Barbour County Fair has been Irish Road Bowling. This year will be no different. On Saturday, September 1st at 1:30 p.m.(registration starts at 12:30 pm) on the Point Pleasant Road, some experienced, and many novice road bowlers will play a “score,” the official name of a round of road bowling. Teams of four players are welcome, regardless of experience. Come out and learn the sport. It is inexpensive, fun and a healthy outdoor activity. All ages can participate.

The aim is to throw a “bowl,” the official name of the sphere, down the road to the finish line. The team completing the 1 ½ mile course with the least amount of throws is declared the winner. The metal bowls weigh 28 ounces (less than 2 lbs.) and are about the size of a tennis ball. There is a $5 deposit for the bowl, which is refunded with the return of the bowl after the event. Prizes will be presented after the tournament at the awards celebration to be held in the vicinity of the tennis courts.

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