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Barbour County Fair Senior Day 

Senior Day will take place on Tuesday August 29th from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Admission tickekts for Seniors: $5.00

Senior Day provides a day full of enjoyable entertainment, fellowship, and memories for many seniors in Barbour and surrounding Counties. Vendor bags and door prize tickets are given to all seniors who attend for a chance to win prizes periodically throughout the day's events. Snacks are provided by the Barbour County Senior Center to hold you over until your lunch is provided, free of charge, by several in county plus out of county Long Term Care Facilities. There’s no reason for anyone to leave hungry! Many area businesses provide info and stations to stop by and chat, educate, or to make you familiar with services they provide. Belington and Myer's Clinic, Hospice Organizations, offer medical testing such as checking your blood pressure, blood sugar for diabetes, and Bone Density for osteoporosis. Some may choose just to relax. Lots of toe tapping, hand clapping, fancy dancing, instrument playing, and musical entertainment. The day just wouldn't be the same without Woody Meaner M/C'ing on the mic. You can take a load off and go for a horse drawn buggy ride just like the good ole days, observe the grist mill grinding corn into meal, apple butter boiling over an open fire while discussing the difference of now and then. "Bee" adventurous, witness bee's buzzing, busily making honey under the watchful eye of the Keepers. Memories of reading, writing and arithmetic in that small, one room school house come fleeting back to life at the Mouse Run School House. Those who want to stretch their legs a bit and get a lil exercise can journey up the hill to view local canning, quilting, art, and exhibits by family, friends, and neighbors. Or maybe stroll to the barn to choose your pick of prize winning livestock. You may even choose to ride the Ferris Wheel and steal a smooch from your sweetie as if you were youngin's again.

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